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New Role-play Feature!

crazyfraze13 AFM posted Nov 12, 14

Dear ReCrafted Civilization Players,

As you may have noticed, a new feature has been added to the role-play sub-forum. This new feature: 'Births, Deaths and Marriages' has been created to help keep track of all your role-play characters through your time playing on our server. I hope this feature will allow players to find out about your characters lives and how they have progressed from birth until death.

A special thanks goes to LeonFrostfire for his hard work in making this new feature possible and thanks to the staff team for assisting in helping Leon's idea come together in this finished state. 

However if you feel that you have an idea that will make this new role-play feature better please do not hesitate to post your ideas in the comments below.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy,


LeonFrostfire DHM
LeonFrostfire @ ReCrafted Civs
Then please refrain from using OOC to tell people that their characters should hate certain people for things their char ...
The God of the Internet How about getting out there that if you don't like a person, just stop trying to kill their characters constantly. It re ...

Buildings! And what to do with them...

Nick DOwner posted Oct 29, 14

Hello players!
First off, I would like to apologize for the little amount of interaction and updating we have done so far for the community; don't start thinking that we don't care!
So, here I am informing you about an aspect which we have decided upon. In reality, we have discussed this a while ago as part of our on-going daily discussions, but I figured it is an important and most questioned aspect of the whole rework.

So, what is going to be done about the buildings / builds?

We will allow builds to be transferred over to the new map, to allow for Role-Play to continue as less interrupted as possible, and to allow hard work that you have spent a long time on not go to waste. However, there are some limits which will be put in place.

Limit 1. Only 4 builds are to be transferred per nation.
Limit 2. A build is classified as a single / separate building / statue / monument.
Limit 3. Chests with items / entities inside them will not be considered as part of the build.

These are the current limits as they stand, however minor changes may be done to them before release. We will be expecting (not definitely) to begin receiving requests for what buildings to transfer about 1 week before the switch over of the map.

In other news, you will be allowed to transfer items in chests, in a special room / chamber on another world. You will be given 2 double chests to fill up with your desired items, as well as the ability to share extra spaces with others.

Those are the current "main" update notices which we feel you should be informed about.

Caseyboby_67 AWWW YIS, extra space for my stuff :> Nick: In other news, you will be allowed to transfer items in chests, in a spec ...

The Recrafted Community do not under any circumstances allow DDoS to happen to us, or to others. Anyone who DDoS's us, or another community, or threatens to DDoS will be permabanned.
As the recent evidence of another community planning to DDoS us has came up, we have lost our respect for them and anyone who is an active member of such a community. 
We are considering getting the authorities involved, especially if more evidence emerges, and we will do our up most to protect the Recrafted server and the community.
Moreover I would like to state we have the personal IP addresses of all the people involved in the plan to DDoS us, which will make it nice and easy for the government to track down.
So if anyone has evidence of anyone threatening to DDoS us, or another server, please let me know personally.
Thank you,
The God of the Internet Heads up, I traced about half to the middle of nowhere, Canada. I think they may have tried to use dummy servers on us.
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