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MC_gnome aOwner posted Tue at 20:14
The server is currently screwing us over right now and something is breaking the plugins. There will be a temporary downtime while we fix this.
Alfawiji Ok, Hope to see the server back on soon.
Vixx Davion Good luck to the BoD and all helping.
MC_gnome aOwner It's royally screwing us over. Factions is knackered.

Large Civ 5 game

MC_gnome aOwner posted Sun at 13:45
Tonight I am planning to set up a large Civilization 5 game as it was previously suggested by the community. Firstly before we go through with this we need a few participants to comment below in the following format:

Steam Name:

Nation they would like:

Gods and Kings DLC?:

Brave New World DLC?: 

Do you have TS3?:
You will most likely need the Gods and Kings DLC for this, however if all of our participants have BNW then we shall play the BNW DLC.

We ask that you download Teamspeak3 if you haven't already.

The game will start at 10:30pm GMT. If you are going to be on later, we can have an AI play for you until you are able to play.

Thank you and good luck.
mutant_llama1 Steam Name: mutant_llama1 Nation they would like: Rome or Ottomans Gods and Kings DLC?: No Brave New World DLC?: No ...
LeonFrostfire DM Steam Name: Leon Frostfire Nation they would like: England (first pref) or Dutch Gods and Kings DLC?: Yes Brave New W ...
Arkadiy Radoslav Vasilyevich HM Steam Name: SinjidKhanHYK-SirDormak-Duilius Nation they would like: Mongols Gods and Kings DLC?: Yes Brave New World ...

Money reset

MC_gnome aOwner posted Sun at 1:34
We need everyone to convert their money into gold at spawn within the next hour. You can convert it back after however we need to change the money system in order to stop the resets in the future. This will hopefully be the last time we ever have a reset.
Sincere apologies.
Vixx Davion MC, I'm still having my Internet Problems, so I can'd do it atm, sorry.
MC_gnome aOwner Yes, it has been changed, you have until tonight to do this.
IceShard67 You should've given more of a warning... ...
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