ReCrafted Civilizations 2.0?

Nick DOwner posted Sep 13, 14  -  MapPluginsReworkRulesUpdateWebsite
Let's get one thing out of the way before we begin; ReCrafted Civilizations strives to become one of (if not the) best Role-Play Alternate History Civilization servers, available out there for Minecrafter's alike to spend their time playing on. As long as players continue to want ReCrafted, we will provide it.

As some of you may have noticed a change in the atmosphere, and if not, this is me declaring a change. ReCrafted would like to turn over a new page in its unique history, bring in new and exciting features, and improve based on our failures / fails. Hence, why I have decided to label this as the Dawn of a New Age for ReCrafted. We are looking to revive the old, nostalgic feeling of our server, as well as improving upon it to make it the best out there for players -- for you.

So what are the changes, you may ask.

One of the most noticeable (and obvious) is the website layout change. To help add in the atmosphere of a new beginning, I have been working on making a smooth looking, smart website for the community. The forums have been "wiped" (not really, just a new forum), to allow for new opportunities to arise. The old forum will be found under the "Other" section in the menu, label as "Archives". There you will be able to find the old and original posts made by fellow ReCraftians!

Other changes include a map change. We have decided to exclude the Americas for various reasons, and this has allowed us to make a much bigger and more detailed Eurasia, featuring North Africa. In this custom made (especially for ReCrafted, by Popgo [Administrator] and Leon [Head Moderator / Admin]) map, more smaller nations will be available for application, as well as lots more rivers and obstacles to overcome. More information will be released soon.

Website wise, we will now be featuring a medal nomination feature, as well as a Player of the Month award. Players will now be able to nominate other users for various rewards, such as the PvP, Architect and Role-Play award. The nominees will be examined by the staff in charge of the section (TBD), and successful nominees will be awarded their respectful awards at the end of the month. The Player of the Month award will be given to those who have stood out from the others within the community, either by being helpful, dedicated, or some other reason. Only staff will be able to nominate others for this award, via a non-public post. Once again, more information will be released soon.

Plugins featured on the ReCrafted Civilizations server have been look into quite a lot for this update. We have put it upon ourselves to edit, test and improve all of the plugins that we feature. Some plugins may have been removed, and new ones added, however that is for you to find out for yourself (on another post, not so much of a mystery is it?).

Other features, which may have not been listed or mentioned, are also available.

On behalf of the ReCrafted Administration Team, I would like to thank you for staying with RC and playing on our servers. I hope that we can provide long term enjoyment to everyone, no matter what age or preferences.

Happy Role-Playing!
- Nik5345
[Dan] drzruler I Cant Wait!
DrunkenMonkey03 Viva La Revolución