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Tune-Down phase and other news

MC_gnome aOwner posted Sat at 10:31

Hello Recrafted.
I would like to start off by saying I am back from my time off in Corfu and am ready to begin working on the server again. However as you may know, it is coming to the end of the summer holidays (In the UK) meaning we will see a lot less activity from players who have school, university and college.
Personally I will have to continue with my college studies and I will be trying my best to keep up this great community as previously school time didn't affect the playerbase too hard, meaning we can likely bring back our playerbase to its maximum potential.
As Popgo abd Crazyfaze were made Temporary Board of Directors, they will now receive their original positions back. I would like to thank them for their work and a more permanent spot will be considered depending on the feedback of the community on their performance and feedback from the staff team. 
Thank you.
70PercentDeath I want to thank Crazy, he is active, helpful and easy to talk to. ...
ConquerorGC Do Popgo was really nice, he helped me a lot when I needed help. Like there was once I dropped into lava in the warzone and ...

ReCrafted Needs You!

crazyfraze13 AFM posted Aug 22, 14
Recently, as many of you have noticed, the playerbase has been slowly reducing. To help get new players to come online we are proposing a new idea. We would like you to use social media to advertise the server.

All you need to do is post this paragraph on any of the websites you use. You can create your own as well to show your individuality.

Social Media Advert Post: Looking for a new Minecraft server? Try ReCrafted Civilizations today! Website:

We hope everyone will take part in this to help get new players on ReCrafted.

Thanks again, ReCrafted Staff Team

You do not need to post your social media information anywhere on this website or the server.
As you may all be aware, the whole staff team is always working hard. However the BoD have a lot on their plate (This includes the Temp BoD's) to deal with. We are always looking for more efficient ways to deal with issues and we do ask that you Pm us about any issues related to the server (technical side) and the website.
You should only contact upper administration directly through enjin for the following reasons:
- Donation issues
- Bugs in the website
- Bugs in the server
- Matters of emergency
- Request a TS3 meeting about an important matter

You should NOT contact Upper Administration for the following things:
- Suggestions (We have a forum)
- General chit-chat
- Staff aboose (We have a forum)
- Similar things

To talk to the Upper Administration for general chat, use TS3, Skype or in-game chat.

Thank you for your Cooperation.
The BoD
MightyPayne Personally I advise speaking to a Mod or Trail Mod before trying to bring the issue to upper administration and allow th ...
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