Staff Update

LeonFrostfire @ ReCrafted Civs
posted Jan 11, 15

G'day all.

A few announcements today.

A big welcome to our new trial mod MrSpazcon, and welcome back to The_Unbrok3n. We wish them the best in their new trial positions! Please give them both the respect due any person, and respect their decisions, as they will be fair, but firm

A thank you to those who applied but did not make it through the moderator application process. We appreciate your offers, and hope you will continue to help others when and where you can as fellow players.

We welcome IamD2 to our plugins team officially now. IamD2 has been helping fixing and updating a lot of plugins along side Popgo. Both have made our list of plugins possible, and will continue to do so.

To continue the previous point, we have a plugins team! Their job, to make sure the plugins run smoothly and are kept up to date. We currently have Popgo and IamD2.

- Leon