Let's Clarify Things...

Nyphoon posted Mar 2, 16

Hello players.

As you may have noticed, ReCrafted Civilizations has been undergoing a decrease in activity and what seems to be staff inactivity. In reality, the server’s current status does not reflect the actual work we are putting in. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to update and rewrite many of the features that we offer. As you may have also noted, (mainly from the recent “Spoiler” post created by The_Unbrok3n,) we are indeed pushing to release a big update and in turn a map reset. The current map will be replaced by a much more detailed version edited by our very own AllyJamy.

But what does that entail?

For starters, the server will be updated to the latest version of Spigot, upgrading the current server version to 1.9 and giving you the chance to use the many new features that Mojang has released. Following on from that, we had taken time to look through many of the suggestions that you -- the player base -- have put forward throughout the time that ReCrafted Civilizations has been active. Plugins such as the frequently requested “Cannons” will be included and customised to suit the new time period. To give a quick insight into a few things we are working on:

  • A stamina system will be included in the latest update, where players will suffer from stamina detriments should they be undergoing prolonged intensive physical work.
  • More realistic physics, such as water pressure where damage is given to players who venture too deep in water.
  • An expansive tech tree for nations allowing for research of various technologies, and systems to trade and gain these technologies.
  • Starting kits for players and nations, now including building materials and more making it much easier to get started.
  • Simplification of the rules, and less restrictive wars allowing for more player freedom in terms of how they want their wars to be carried out.

Of course, these are but a handful of the new features; a more detailed post in regards to them will be made at a slightly later time.

Lastly, the new time period will be set in the 17th century starting from 1600. More information such as the nation lists will be made available at a later point, so keep watching this space.

We hope this clears up any questions you may have, and that you now know that we have not abandoned you. Feel free to post any questions below.