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The Recrafted Community do not under any circumstances allow DDoS to happen to us, or to others. Anyone who DDoS's us, or another community, or threatens to DDoS will be permabanned.
As the recent evidence of another community planning to DDoS us has came up, we have lost our respect for them and anyone who is an active member of such a community. 
We are considering getting the authorities involved, especially if more evidence emerges, and we will do our up most to protect the Recrafted server and the community.
Moreover I would like to state we have the personal IP addresses of all the people involved in the plan to DDoS us, which will make it nice and easy for the government to track down.
So if anyone has evidence of anyone threatening to DDoS us, or another server, please let me know personally.
Thank you,
epitearo Heads up, I traced about half to the middle of nowhere, Canada. I think they may have tried to use dummy servers on us.

Recent Activity

MC_gnome aOwner posted Sep 14, 14

Regarding the recent activity of players and staff on Recrafted Civilizations, it has been rather disappointing to see us drop from 30+ players peak time to 15-20. As I'm sure you all are aware, the server is more fun with more people on to interact with, whether it be in wars, weddings, alliance forging or trading, there is always something to do with the other players.
We have been advertising on the server website for new players, however they seem to get bored quickly with no one on to help them out. I plan to try another old method of advertising soon in order to give us another boost in activity. 
I understand how people have work, school, college and university to go to, which is obviously a lot more important, however we need people to be active on the server to ensure this great community will keep running.
I myself will become more active and start hosting a few more events for you guys to enjoy, and I am sure the rest of the staff team will.

Thank you.

Nick aDOwner Comment was removed by someone, so I shall re-post it: Maybe if your staff weren't complete banhappy dicks and you would ...
vorosx500 The thing for me is that the reset was announced,and I am waiting for it.I'd suggest also advertising at the time of the ...
tartancal1 M Go for it, as long as it won't land you in any trouble.

Regarding the "Reset"

Nick aDOwner posted Sep 8, 14

Hello players!
Recently there has been some confusion about a so called "reset" of the server. I am here to set things straight, and name what is fact and what is rumour. I would like to ask for everyone to read all of this post before commenting.

First off, we will be working on a custom map featuring Eurasia and parts of Africa. In the 16th Century the Americas had little to no involvement with the world or history, therefore will be left out. Colonization will be reworked specifically to help work around the problem of Colonies, which will most likely end up using Africa and parts of Asia for colonization. The map however, will not be ready any time soon (within the period of a month), so there is plenty of time to enjoy the Role-Play the current map brings.

We are not switching to Towny. This was simply a suggestion put forward by a player, and not a definite fact. If people want Towny, we will give towny, however there must be an obvious majority wanting the change (which there isn't).

Nation leaders will remain in their nation if they wish to be, and characters will be able to remain if people wish for their characters to stay the same. However, other members of the nation will be kicked out and made to rejoin, as to get rid of all of the inactive members.

Plugins will not be majorly changed, so all of your McMMO skills and money is safe. We will be looking at the plugins, configuring them to help the mechanics of Role-Play, editing them to work better, adding new ones and upgrading them. A lot of ram will be cleared up by the end of the rework, so gameplay should be smoother and more enjoyable.

I do not want this to be considered a reset, but as an upgrade and rework of the server and its mechanics. There is still debate about certain aspects, such as whenever people will be able to transfer 1 or a couple of buildings over to the new world, so there are still additions being made. We are accepting suggestions for the rework, so please comment bellow with your suggestions. Likewise if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments as well.


The website will be getting a makeover too, so watch out for that!

janitoalevic D " In the 16th Century the Americas had little to no involvement with the world or history, therefore will be left o ...
drzruler will it be updated to 1.8? and will land currently owned be reset like Austria has parts of Russia will we keep it? ...
Dinoshark777 World download being put up?
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