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As you may all be aware, the whole staff team is always working hard. However the BoD have a lot on their plate (This includes the Temp BoD's) to deal with. We are always looking for more efficient ways to deal with issues and we do ask that you Pm us about any issues related to the server (technical side) and the website.
You should only contact upper administration directly through enjin for the following reasons:
- Donation issues
- Bugs in the website
- Bugs in the server
- Matters of emergency
- Request a TS3 meeting about an important matter

You should NOT contact Upper Administration for the following things:
- Suggestions (We have a forum)
- General chit-chat
- Staff aboose (We have a forum)
- Similar things

To talk to the Upper Administration for general chat, use TS3, Skype or in-game chat.

Thank you for your Cooperation.
The BoD
MightyPayne Personally I advise speaking to a Mod or Trail Mod before trying to bring the issue to upper administration and allow th ...
As you may be aware, it is summer time. The time of year where 50% of England invades different countries because they are going on "Holiday." Nik and I and Ady are all either on holiday or busy throughout most of August. Nik has already left and will not be back until the end of the month and I am away from the 17th until the 27th.
With this being said we are appointing 2 temporary BoD's, which are Popgo and Crazyfaze. They will carry out Mine, Ady and Nik's jobs until we are back. This term will be until the 30th of August.
As the Head Moderator voting and has now come to an end, we are proud to announce LeonFrostFire has been made Head Moderator for another 4 month term. The next election will be in December.
We are also promoting Annabannana56 to Administrator for her great efforts as a Moderator and the great example she has been setting for her peers.

On a side note, the Vassalization/Annexation rules will be updated at some point in August as there are various grey areas that need to be dealt with.

Finally, We are doing a 10% off Summer Sale in the donation shop which will expire in 10 days!

Thank you and have a great summer.
The BoD
MightyPayne Putting Unbroken as a trail mod was a great idea.He been very helpful and active with sorting problems


Nick aDOwner posted Aug 4, 14

Hello players!
Introducing, the Brewery plugin. You are now able to make different alcoholic beverages on the server, including Rum, Vodka and Beer!

A handy little tutorial (submitted by the_unbrok3n) can be found by going on this link:

Enjoy, and remember: Don't drink and ride.
MightyPayne Please reduce the passed out time
ConquerorGC D Now this is what I call a AWESOME plugin Nick!
Caseyboby_67 France *hic* is getting quite the rave and is *hic* p-p-producing more than orig-*hic*-aly expected and possible the fir ...
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